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91,73 EUR*
Details Bachmann-Steckdosenleiste-Desk2-Schweiz-902209

(Power strip (CH/Swiss) - ALU - w/o Child protection - White RAL 9010 - incl. Mounted holding flanges - L: 282mm)

19,02 EUR*
Details Livro-de-imagens-Os-contos-da-pipa

Esta obra tem o intuito de apresentar as vivencias d'A Corrapida, d'O Insatisfreitas e da Gatarina Espinhosa, entre outros personagens inventados pela artista alema Hannah H ch, criando uma especie de mundo magico num jardim zoologico com animais ...

37,20 EUR*
Details The-Collie-Vintage-Dog-Books-Breed-Classic

THE COLLIE By DR. O. P. Bennett And C.H. Wheeler. A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT Originally published in Washington 1924, and republished in a revised and up-dated edition in the same year, this extremely scarce early work on the Collie is both ...

31,64 EUR*
Details Hal-Leonard-Recording-Method-Book-2-Instrument-Vocal-Recording-Book-2-Instrument-Vocal-Recording-2nd-Edition

This edition addresses new equipment and software concerns that affect the way excellent recordings are made. Updated text, illustrations, photos, and video examples add to the power of the previous edition, plus new techniques and considerations are ...

11,04 EUR*
Details American-Recordings

Johnny Cash - American Recordings, Disc NM, Case NM, Format: Musik-CD, amerikanische Schallplatten. Veröffentlichung der Country-Musik-CD von Johnny Cash mit dem Album American Recordings. Veröffentlicht auf dem Label American Records. Country-Musik ...

31,08 EUR*
Details Sound-Media-From-Live-Journalism-to-Music-Recording-From-Live-Journalism-to-Musical-Recording

Sound Media Considers how music recording, radio broadcasting and muzak influence people's daily lives and introduces the varied creative techniques that have developed in music and journalism throughout the 20th century. This book focuses on ...

107,07 EUR*
Details Complete-Recordings-1990-1994-Vinyl-LP

LP-BOX: Codeine,Complete Recordings 1990-1994 (6LP+3CD): ALL 1991, 1992 & 1994

128,09 EUR*
Details Original-Mono-Recordings

Miles Davis - The Original Mono Recordings (9CDS) [Japan LTD Mini LP Blu-spec CD II] SICP-30521

16,33 EUR*
Details The-Last-Recordings-Vol3

Artie Shaw: The Last Recordings Volume 3 - CD

17,99 EUR*
Details The-Rollin-Rock-Recordings-Vol1

CD: Mac Curtis,The Rollin Rock Recordings Vol. 1

25,99 EUR*
Details The-Unreleased-Recordings

Hank Williams - Unreleased Recordings - CD Box Set

25,99 EUR*
Details Revealed-the-Unreleased-Recordings

Hank Williams - Revealed: The Unreleased Recordings - CD Box Set

17,93 EUR*
Details Earliest-Recordings-the-Compl

CD: The Stanley Brothers,Earliest Recordings: The Complete Rich-R-Tone 78s (194

114,00 EUR*
Details The-Jubilee-Recordings-6-CD

CD-BOX: The Orioles,The Jubilee Recordings: LP SIZED BOX SET

19,50 EUR*
Details While-the-Recording-Engineer-Sleeps

Cocoon - While The Recording Engineer Sleeps - Cd

17,60 EUR*
Details The-Longhorn-Recordings

CD: Bob Wills,The Longhorn Recordings

17,04 EUR*
Details Complete-Columbia-Recordings

CD: Merv Griffin,The Complete Columbia Recordings

15,99 EUR*
Details The-Fame-Recordings

CD: Dan Penn,The Fame Recordings

18,44 EUR*
Details Ecm-Rarum-04Selected-Recordings

CD: Gary Burton,Selected Recordings: DIGIPAK

19,62 EUR*
Details Trio-Recordings-Digipack


9,99 EUR*
Details Complete-Fly-Cube-Recordings-Cavatina

Complete Fly & Cube Recordings-Cavatina

18,43 EUR*
Details Eskimo-Recordingsthe-Orange-Collection

DOUBLE CD: Various,Eskimo Recordings/The Orange Collection

12,91 EUR*
Details The-Hollywood-Recordings

CD: Sa-Ra Creative Partners,The Hollywood Recordings

13,40 EUR*
Details Legendary-Sun-Recordings

Lonesome In Black - The Legendary Sun Recordings 2CD Metro Doubles, METRDCD536, 2004, DBL 40 Track